Age To Age Training, Education and Counselling Inc.,

About us

Age To Age Training, Education and Counselling Inc., formally known as Life Impact Outreach Network started in 1997 as a registered charity. Its mandate was to support individuals and their families through community outreach, humanitarian aid and religious education. Over 25 countries have been positively impacted by this work.

Age to Age has shifted its focus to servicing individuals, families, couples, and children within a clinical, therapeutic framework. We provide psycho-educational services to support persons dealing with a variety of mental health issues, and to help their families to better understand the complexity of their condition. Age to Age assists clients to understand their issues and concerns in order to enhance self-growth, personal effectiveness, interpersonal relations, life adjustments, spiritual growth and mental health.

Our goals are to:

  • De-stigmatize the perception of mental health conditions,
  • Reduce the stressors affecting the mental health and emotional being of our clients,
  • Reduce unnecessary 911 calls to police, hospitals and walk-in clinics,
  • Connect clientele with appropriate services,
  • Create healthy families.

We Are One Stop Shop

  • We have no wait list,
  • We do outreach visits,
  • We treat you with great respect,
  • We provide educational sessions,
  • We make referrals.