Age To Age Training, Education and Counselling Inc., - Counselling Service


We are a registered and incorporated non-profit organization with Reg No:#838723336RC0001. We have been supporting clients in the community with a variety of issues. Targeted areas of support include mental health, domestic related issues, substance abuse and addictions, child and adolescence issues and housing.

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After our research, and speaking with several community partners including family doctors and psychiatrists, it became evident that the need for one-on-one support to avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals and 911 phone calls is becoming more and more imminent. We have found that some clients are discharged from the hospital and return because they are not connected to ongoing support.

Our goal is to create the support needed to avoid reoccurring visits to the hospitals, walk-in clinics, rehab centers and unnecessary police calls/visits.

We have a No Waitlist policy. Our service can help save time, money and headaches!

  • Assess the biopsychosocial and ethno-cultural needs of clients, families and support system including emotional status related to issues for the current predicaments.
  • Advocate for the clients/families by linking them with resources in the community that will support other social issues or complex issues (e.g. PGT, CCB, Legal Aid, Advocacy Centre for the elderly).
  • Provide psychosocial interventions that facilitate the client and their family's understanding of the issues that is affect their well-being by means of individual, family, couple, and group therapy.
  • Provide crisis intervention and mediate conflict.
  • Educate clients and families on effective ways to mobilize existing resources.
  • Facilitating decision making on behalf of clients and families.
  • Arranging for resources/funds (to finance medications, medical equipment, Welfare/ODSP, Trillium Drug benefits)
  • Assess for ethical issues that are barriers to care and engage appropriate parties (e.g. ethicist, legal, pgt)
  • Assisting with finding housing for homeless clients by referral to shelter or appropriate housing environment.
  • Determining power of attorney or SDM for incapable clients.
  • Provide health care teaching, and health resources when appropriate.
  • Assisting with connecting clients with a family doctor.