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At Age to Age we know that the odds are stacked against families because of economic hardship, stress at work and home, and the negative consequences of alcohol and substance abuse. There are also more and more demands on our time and our energy than ever before. Raising children, meeting busy work schedules, managing our finances or simply getting through the day can be overwhelming. Without help many families will give up hope.

Our Hands Can Make a Difference!
Age to Age Counselling Centre utilizes proven techniques and programs that improve the lives of men, women, children and families. The people we support and provide services for share testimonies of the difference we have made in their lives through counselling, classes, workshops and seminars. Our client satisfaction feedback tells us that what we do works! But we need your help.

We Need Your 'Helping Hand'
This is not-for-profit service. Gifts from generous community members have made it possible to work with many at risk families. However, we're reaching only a small fraction of those at risk! Please help us lend these families a hand by making a contribution to this organization. We are grateful for all donations and we provide charitable donation receipts.

Donations by Check, Paypal, Credit Card or Email Transfer:
We accept payment by check, payable to Age to Age Training, Education & Counselling Inc., Paypal, credit card (MasterCard or Visa) and email transfer. Please call 905-533-1334 for further information.