Age To Age Training, Education and Counselling Inc., - Seminars

The following are a list of some workshops we offer:

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Understanding Alcohol and Drugs
Three, 2 hour sessions are offered to help family members, frontline workers, and those struggling with addictions gain greater understanding of the use of alcohol and drugs. Additionally, we aim to teach caregivers how to support someone who is struggling with substance use.

Mindfulness Meditation Classes
Relate to stress in more creative ways. Reduce endless mind chatter in order to think more clearly. Become more aware of how you truly feel, and why. Sleep better, lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety and depression. Better manage the emotional and physical pain that often accompany medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease and back problems.

STRESS - Your chance to learn hope to cope
These 2 hour sessions over the course of three weeks offer clients, family members and front line workers the opportunity to take time out to reboot their mind. Learn different techniques, concepts and the importance of stress management.

Parenting Skills - We all learn as we go
Three sessions for parents who may need some skills development to support their children with behavioural issues, mental health concerns, developmental delay or learning disabilities.

Clinical Counselling Assessment and Mental Health
A workshop on learning/expanding the knowledge of mental health assessments as it relates to clinical counselling.

"What a man wants/ What a woman needs" Seminar Workshop
What happened when a man and woman fell in love - it was physical, it was understanding, it was communication...