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Age to Age is a dedicated team of professionals working together to provide high quality, specialized psychological and clinical counselling services. Age to Age offers an affordable, Private, Qualified, Professional, Psychotherapy, and Life Coaching Counselling Services to Individuals, Couples, Groups, Children, Vulnerable Adults, Organiations and Churches.

ATA assisting clients to understand their issues and concerns in order to enhance self-growth, personal effectiveness, interpersonal relations, life adjustments, spiritual growth, and mental health. This may involve developing insight into, and/or learning to prevent and/or eliminate maladaptive behaviour or symptoms, in addition to the enhancement and strengthening of health coping styles and functional relationships with self and others.


We are here to make your counselling session as relaxing an experience as possible. We also endeavour to create a safe, secure and confidential environment enabling openness and ease of disclosure of what can be delicate, sensitive and often painful issues. Confidentiality is taken very seriously by professional counsellors and psychotherapists and everything that is discussed is kept in the strictest confidence. There a couple of exceptions to this rule and I will discuss these with you at the assessment session.


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Education and Training

We provide training to professionals including community service workers, personal support workers, social workers, counsellors and mental health professionals.
We provide educational services to general public in order to improve their knowledge of mental health and also to remove the stigma revolving around mental health.