Harrison Mungal


Harrison Mungal

Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist (MSW,RSW,PhD) harrison.mungal@agetoage.ca
Age To Age Training, Education and Counselling Inc.

Specialize in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Thought Development Practice( TDP), Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Marriage Counsellor. Taking clients into another level of support, rewiring, reconstructing, reconditioning the mind and thought process. Working with individuals, couples, families and groups struggling with life's stressors. Most common stress revolves around relationships, marital issues, parenting, mental health (depression, anxiety, psychosis, OCD, phobias, panic attacks, PTSD, ADHD, ODD, ADD,) substance abuse and addictions, anger issues, sexual related issues, trauma and more. Exporting the cause, effects and formulating solutions.

Counselling support is being taken into another level, with the option of E-counselling, phone and Skype counselling. Implemented CBT, DBT, TDP, mindfulness, behavioural activation, relationship counselling, family therapy, couple's therapy, individual and group counselling. A non-judgement approach.

A leading cognitive therapist specialized in cognitive behaviour, a researcher, author of several books, Public speaker to over 38 nations, a guest on several TV and radio programs, conferences, workshops and seminars.

workshop presenters and wears many hats in the field of supporting individuals, couples, families and cooperation. He fits his role as a cognitive

With a depth of knowledge, great humour and passion in the field of mental health. Using a creative scientific-based approach to deliver compelling presentations. Several awards and recognition are from local police, mayor, community leaders, managers and directors as well as families showing the credibility of his work.

Training and consultations to an array of community partners including psychiatrists, medical doctors, social workers, nurses, police officers and senior management teams.

Researcher on Thought Development Practice supervised by the chief of Psychiatry, cognitive research to support individuals with addictions, anxiety and depression.

With a Bachelor's degree in Theology, two Master’s degrees (MA, MSW) and a Ph.D. and currently enrolled to complete a second doctorate degree in clinical psychology.

  • A founding member of the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies
  • Member of the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals
  • Member of The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
  • Member (Professional Affiliate) of the Ontario Psychological Association
  • Member of the American Society of Neuroscience
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Neuroscience

Registered with the college of social work and social service worker.