Kathleen Mungal


Kathleen Mungal

Administrator/Life Coach (DSW) kathleen.mungal@agetoage.ca

Kathleen a proud mother of 7 beautiful children, (1 married daughter). She has been married since 1990 to her husband, Harrison. She shares the quality of a mother's heart touching many lives around the world and also has a passion to support mothers to be effective in raising their children. Kathleen teaches on the role of a woman and the need to keep their identity. She believes that her greatest strength is the example she has set.

Kathleen has been a guest speaker at schools, churches, workshops, seminars, conferences etc. sharing alongside with her husband on relationships, parenting, womanhood and other related topics revolving around marriage and the family. Kathleen has been the keynote speaker at many international women seminars in Paris- France, Lima- Peru, Santa Clara-Cuba, Split-Croatia, Canada, USA and various other countries.

Kathleen has taught for over 12 years at Bible Colleges on a variety of courses and co-pastored with her husband at 4 different churches, including being a missionary for 2 years in Croatia. She is currently involved with her husband in a leadership role at her local church, along with their senior pastors.

Kathleen has been awarded and recognized on several occasions for her work through community agencies, churches and mothers internationally.